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Hearthcrest Fireplace/ Web Design

Empowerment: When walking into Hearthcrest Fireplace and meeting the owners for the first time, we could not believe how elegant and beautiful their East Grand Rapids showroom was.  We knew right away that their showroom and website did not match. Most customers will visit your website before they step into your location. So the mission was on: create a website that would stand out just like their showroom.

Inspiration: We used video to add movement and make it an eye-catcher for visitors to stay and explore longer. We quickly present a 35 years’ experience badge and icons that reflect their products and services. With consistent elegant fonts and clean HD pictures, we showcase fully installed fireplaces, gas stoves, and logs.


Hearthcrest Fireplace page Before


Hearthcrest Fireplace page After

Graphic Design Support

Every design, every picture, every page our graphic design team created has a clear purpose and all of this combined melds together for the perfect finished project! Our goal is to provide a balanced transition between our web developers and graphic designers. 

Hearthcrest Fireplace

Brand Consistency

Memorable brands portray professionalism and carry consistent messages. Through branding strategies, companies create a positive, professional image of themselves to inhabit consumers’ heads. A vivid picture, often a corporate logo and company name, pops up whenever potential customers are ready to buy. That's why being consistent is key and saves you a lot of marketing dollars. 


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