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Kroll Furnace / Redesign Project

Empowerment: We began with an initial meeting to learn more about their business needs. We quickly identified that the new owners were 4th generation owners (the company was founded in 1946). Our next step was to help strategize on their new website, emails and new brand development. We wanted to empower and position Kroll Furnace Co as a premier and experienced heating and cooling company in the Grand Rapids, MI area.


Inspiration: We wanted to provide a logo that was clean, friendly and portrayed experience. We updated their colors, fonts and added services underneath their name. We also integrated the KF to stand out, along with the Fahrenheit symbol as a creative piece. Our team also worked on cleaning the website to easily navigate, tell a story and reflect their main services.



Professional Web Design

There’s no doubt, one of the most important tools for every small, medium or large business today is its website. We built this website to have easy navigation and clean transitions. They wanted to prioritize on being HVAC specialists and their 24/7 service. That's why we added action to the header and created friendly designed icons. 

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Brand Consistency

Call it image, corporate identity, reputation, or any name, it means that you provide mental pictures that determine how your company is perceived by people. Good public perception is vital for business. Kroll Furnace is not the exception, we made sure their new logo would stand out on their new signs, service vans, business cards, etc. 

We Thrive in our Community

6501 Balsam Drive
Hudsonville, Michigan 49426


Office: 616-347-6300

Fax: 616-347-6286

Toll Free: 1-877.247.6350
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