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Adobe Flash is in the past. Hello HTML5

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Web Sites in HTML5

There's Flash - the famous superhero; Flash Gordon from the space opera and hit song by Queen...and then there's Adobe Flash.

Have you ever had that little puzzle piece show up in Chrome that says "Flash not supported?" Yup, that's Adobe Flash! Adobe Flash is a multimedia software platform used for the production of animationsrich Internet applicationsdesktop applicationsmobile applicationsmobile games, and embedded web browser video players.

Are you still using Flash for the multimedia content on YOUR website?

If so, it's been time for a change for a while. Chrome discontinued the use of Adobe Flash in update 53 -- as of November 2019, we are on update 78! It was possible to "allow" flash if necessary, but that won't be possible for much longer. Mozilla Firefox completely discontinued Flash mid-year 2016, and Internet Explorer isn't supporting it much longer.

In fact, in December 2020, there will be no further security updates or support for Adobe Flash. That means all three of these web browsers will completely discontinue the ability to use it.

What does that mean for you? If you have a website or any content that uses Flash - your users will NOT be able to see it in 2021.

Not sure if your website uses Flash? Take a moment to open a new browser window or tab and go to your website. Right-click somewhere there is no writing or media -- just background. A menu will pop up. Do you see any options for Adobe Flash Player? If so, you have Flash objects on your website and will need to take action ASAP!

Another way to check is to visit SEO SiteCheckup. Once you're there, type in the address of your website. If Flash is found, you'll get this message: "Warning: your website contains flash objects. Flash is an outdated technology that is used to deliver rich multimedia content. Flash content does not work well on mobile devices and is difficult for crawlers to interpret." That message means it's time for a change!

There are a few alternatives to Adobe Flash, the most secure and reliable being HTML5. This technology has been set to overtake Flash for years. Now that time has finally come! If you've been using Flash this whole time, this all may seem like bad news. It's really not! This is the push to use a technology that will work for you AND your customers. That's really what we all want and need, right? For the website, we've put so much time and effort into the WORK!

Here's the really good news: CIS Agency offers Wix's powerful HTML5 website building. Take this as an opportunity to review the content on your website and have it moved to a great host (Wix) with a high-value agency (CIS Agency) with the right multimedia software platform (HTML5)! It's a win-win-win to bring your website over to Wix with CIS Agency. Check out some of our other blogs about the benefits of working with Wix like Wix vs Wordpress and the features on our Wix Templates.

Long story short:

  • Flash is going away for GOOD at the end of 2020.

  • If your website uses Flash, it's time to start the process of moving to HTML5!

  • CIS Agency can help you with Wix – this way you and your customers don't miss a thing.

We look forward to helping you with this and more of your website or marketing needs! Reach out to CIS Agency today to learn what else you've been missing out on!

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