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Updated: Feb 11

Agents, Brokers, Friends –

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like you accomplished so much, only to learn that what you spent all that time on was for nothing? We’ve heard this from so many clients – especially about their websites. They’d build and build, and then find out the platform either didn’t support what they needed, or they would need to get a full-blown computer science degree to make it work.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Your website is your client’s window to you. How easy it is to navigate reflects how easy you will be to work with. You want that website to have everything – your story, your contact information, and ideally, it should have access to the properties that you are selling! A website should never contradict who you are or force potential clients to go to another page. If they click away from your site, it’s highly likely they will be perusing the competition. You’ve worked WAY too hard to let that happen!

Chances are if you want your website to be easy, affordable, and reliable, you went with Wix as a platform. We believe this is a smart move! It’s easy to make a professional website with Wix. (It’s even easier with one of our nine templates!)

Check out our Real Estate Template when you’re done reading this!

Have you tried to integrate your MLS listings in Wix yet? This process requires something called IDX (Internet Data Exchange). IDX is the system that allows realtors and brokers to show their MLS property listings on their websites. It’s a great way to generate leads. But there’s a catch: there are very few companies that have cracked the code (pun intended!) and made it easy for someone without experience to integrate IDX on any of the easy-to-use, affordable platforms.

That’s where CIS Agency comes in! We’ve got experience with this. By experience, we mean that we were the first company in the US to offer MLS/IDX integration through Wix! We’ve partnered with Wix because we both want the same thing: to provide a seamless experience for both you and your clients!

  • Problems with widgets and tools like quick search and map search? We can make sure that doesn’t happen!

  • Want your branding ALL OVER your listings? We can do that for you without an iframe!

Not sure what an iframe is or why you’d want to avoid one? We’ve got you covered!

An iframe basically copies one site (your branded MLS listings) and displays it within a frame on another site (like your webpage). Sounds great and easy, right? Well, not so great when you realize:

  1. An iframe limits the look and feel of your site because it can only be so large.

  2. More importantly – it blocks the site it copies from showing up in searches. In other words, let’s say someone searches “lakefront homes” and you have plenty of listings you’d want them to see. If those listings are behind an iframe, that search engine won’t be showing YOUR branded site with YOUR properties!

We want what’s best for our clients and their businesses, and iframes are NOT it! We know what you want: seamless integration that’s not a headache for you or your clients. We don’t want you to be slowed down by something like this! You worked too hard to get those listings for them to go unnoticed in your potential client’s search.

We love Wix, we love IDX, and we love them best when they’re together: like peanut butter and jelly, whipped cream and Michigan cherries, Little Caesars and the Red Wings AND the Pistons (Yes, can you tell we’re located in Michigan yet)! We’re the most experienced at bringing these two platforms together and we look forward to doing it for you. Start with a template or get a facelift for your existing Wix site. Either way, it will be seamless! Contact CIS Agency today to get started!

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