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What’s the surest route to success?

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

What’s the quickest – and least expensive – way to prepare for a good job today?

Get Certified!

How can job candidates – and the companies that employ them ­– stand out from the crowd?

Get Certified!

What does a job-seeker do when B.A., M.A. or even an M.B.A. isn’t opening career doors?

Get Certified!

The demand for certified employees has grown by leaps and bounds. Certification can now be considered a critical credential for both career and corporate success.

Today’s lean business practices, global competition and greater expectations from customers have led to operations that require guaranteed skills. There’s much more emphasis on ensuring that employees are capable of doing their jobs. Hiring certified people creates credibility, builds a company’s reputation and results in more customers and more sales.

Hiring certified people creates credibility, builds a company’s reputation and results in more customers and more sales.

Career coach and corporate trainer Susan K. Maciak says that today’s employers want proof that people they hire have very specific skills. “HR managers scan resumes now for more than college degrees,” she said. “They look for certification as evidence of skills and abilities they need to keep their companies competitive.” For a long time, teachers, counselors, accountants, lawyers, doctors and nurses had to be certified or licensed to enter their fields. Now, certification is a must, or at least an advantage, in many more fields. It’s either required or valuable for Auto Mechanics, Environmental Sciences, Construction Management, Home Inspection, Small Engine Repair, Bookkeeping, Real Estate Appraisal, Forensic Science, Legal Assisting, Private Investigating, Physical Therapy, and Medical Assisting - just to name a few career options. In as little as a few weeks at a community college, a person can become certified in highly regarded health care skills, such as phlebotomy, or drawing blood in hospitals for testing. Certification in the medical field continues to surge, but currently information technology (IT) still tops the lists of valuable validations. Dozens of IT and business concepts and practice certifications can be acquired by high school students and adults online.

More than just Web design and development, preparing students for careers in networking, databases, data security, application development and even gaming.

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