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We help you generate a monthly report!

Analytics help you gauge the success of your current website content and social media marketing efforts of media marketing efforts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. We provide you with a monthly report to analyze, compare and get true results.


With Google Analytics and social media analytics, we can help you calculate your ROI (Return on Investment) and use the data you need to make knowledgeable decisions on what type of marketing to do next, with whom, and when.

Marketing Analytics & Results.

Social Media and SEO Results

  • The largest perceived benefit, as expressed by 81% of respondents, is business exposure.

  • After this comes increased traffic for 61% of respondents.

  • New business partnerships for 56% of respondents.

  • Rise in search engine rankings for 52% of respondents.

  • Qualified sales leads for 48% of respondents.

  • Reduced marketing costs for 45% of respondents.

  • 35% of respondents said they used social media networks to help them close business.

With a low monthly budget, we have helped businesses around the globe and near our office in Hudsonville. However, most of our customers are out of Grand Rapids, Grandville, Jenison, and around West Michigan - they reach thousands of potential customers. You can view some of our customers here. 

Monthly Budget
Customer Service

Customer Service Results 

We help you with your research! Our primary research includes surveys, interviews, and observations.


We also provide support in the creation, input, and monitoring of surveys. When we collect primary research, we provide you with feedback through a complete report that includes:


  • Executive Summary

  • Purpose, Objectives, and Goal of the Research

  • All Data Collected

  • 3-D Charts of Collected Data.

  • List Recommendations. 

  • Conclusion