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Price: $75

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Next Steps: 

Step 1: Choose and purchase a template from CIS Agency. *You will need a Wix account.

Step 2: Provide your email associated with Wix 

*All templates can be used with the Wix platform ONLY. 

Step 3: We will transfer the Wix website to the email provided. That's it, you're ready to customize the template. 

Additional information for Wix transfer below. 

*To avoid Wix ads, connect your own domain, etc You will need to choose a Wix plan and upgrade. See plans here.  Do you need additional support? Hire Us

As stated in Step 3, you will receive an invite email from which you must confirm the transfer and follow the steps to accept ownership.


Additional Information for Site Transfers:

  • Transfer of Ownership: Once we transfer the site, the site ownership is transferred as well. We recommend leaving CIS Agency as a contributor if you were to need additional help in the future. 

  • Free Site URL: As the account's username is part of the free site URL (i.e., the free site URL changes when we transfer the site.

  • Site Media: You will need to upload your own media to your new templated website.

  • Corvid by Wix: Do you need additional help with Corvid? You can hire our experts to help with advanced features on your website. 

  • Note: Statistics, analytics, SEO, etc are not transferred when transferring the templated website.

  • Wix Stores: You will need to integrate after the site has been transferred. 

  • Multiple Transfers: We do not offer refunds, nor do we accept template changes. Please choose carefully the template you will need. Please view our return policy, terms and conditions, and more information in the footer of our website. 

  • New Wix Features: Wix is constantly growing and evolving, Wix features added after we have created the templates will not be included.

  • For additional information and support regarding wix websites, please refer to or follow this link.

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