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Empowerment: Like all of our branding and web developments, we began with an initial meeting to learn more about their wants and needs as an international network of law firms. We quickly identified they were looking for a new, modern brand and their website needed a facelift, along with interactivity and integrated databases for their large worldwide attorney network. The project was developed in a multi-step strategy that included our software developer, web developer, and senior graphic designer as key pieces to the puzzle. We wanted to empower LawExchange as a modern, yet premier and experienced network of attorneys worldwide and we believe we did just that!


Inspiration: Our goal was to provide a clean, modern logo that portrayed connection with experience. We updated colors, fonts, and added an abstract letter combination mark to their name. We integrated LEI and made "International" stand out, along with "Law" as a creative piece. Our team also worked on creating additional branding pieces for print, which you can see below. 



Professional Web Design

There’s no doubt, one of the most important tools for every small, medium, or large business today is its website. We built this website to have easy navigation with a modern look and feel. They wanted to prioritize being a network of professional lawyers with worldwide coverage. In general a clean, modern, and well-organized site.


Brand Consistency

Call it image, corporate identity, reputation, or any name, it means that you provide mental pictures that determine how your company is perceived by people. Good public perception is vital for business. LawExchange International is not the exception - we made sure their new logo would stand out and still keep a clean and modern style. Making it easy to adapt the image to the broad variety of marketing materials, for both print and digital media.

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