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Business Reputation Matters.

Without a good reputation -- you’re sunk! Who goes to a restaurant with a reputation for public health violations? Who buys cars known for their breakdowns? Your reputation is what people think of you – whether it’s true or not. CIS Agency Reputation Management Services help your organization stay on top of rumors, false accusations, and fake news. We:


  • Monitor major sites for real-time reviews of your business, products, and services

  • Assist you with responses to both positive and negative reviews posted online 

  • Provide you with strategies to build a good reputation and keep it strong

Whether online, in print, or by word-of-mouth -- what people say about your business affects its reputation -- and its sales. Reviews that people write about you, or word-of-mouth opinions of your business, can be a good thing or a bad omen, depending on what is said.  A company’s good name is built on its success stories and its testimonials from satisfied customers. Bad raps come from complaints.


CIS Agency helps you keep tabs on good and bad reviews. We can show you how to use good news to your advantage – and let you know when there’s a need for improvement, damage control, or crisis communication.

Onlines Business Review Monitoring.

Reviews are, arguably, the currency of the local data economy. If listings are the infrastructure, then reviews are the road signs and rest stops — they efficiently make and guide consumer choices. What other customers say about your clients’ business has more influence than ever before. Dare we say it: reviews can be the tipping point between a business making it and a business going under.


For the GeoMarketer, this means that knowing how to handle reviews and what a business can and cannot do about reviews is becoming a key part of your job function. (In essence, review monitoring and management.) In this section, we will talk about building a review tactic, how to avoid trouble with the FTC with regard to reviews, how to respond to reviews, and what “reputation management” really means.


In conclusion, with these tools, you will be able to both guards and endorse your clients’ business without running afoul of a publisher or Johnny Law.

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Know the Review Guidelines.

Below you will find links to several publishers’ review guidelines. Be sure to familiarize yourself with their guidelines, as well as revisit these regularly to note any changes. Informed decisions are smart decisions.

Remember that in the end, reviews are inherently ephemeral regardless of what some may think. As a Marketer, it’s your responsibility to bake contingency plans into your brand strategy for a client.

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