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Giving Back to Our Community

We love and believe in strong communities

Giving Back to community

Collaboration and community spirit are an important part of our culture here at CIS Agency. That’s why we look for ways to give back and support our community whenever we can. Giving back aligns closely with our core values, which are the foundation of who we are and what we do. These values are:

  • Integrity

  • Humility

  • Determination

  • Dependability

  • Innovation

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Professionalism

  • Proactivity

  • Excellence

We want to be an organization that lives these values, not just lists them.

Small Business Owner

How We Give Back

At CIS Agency, ALL non-profits receive a special discount. In addition, we’ve offered free hosting or donated websites to support others in our community. Here are some of our clients that have received special discounts or donations in the past:

Why It Matters

In our extensive experience working with small businesses and nonprofits, we’ve seen that an organization’s public image is one of their most valuable and powerful assets. We help organizations take control of their public image, communicate their message effectively, and leave a lasting positive impression in people’s minds.


In turn, this helps them achieve their goals, reach more people and aligns with our mission: To enhance small businesses, using branding with creativity to improve the way the public views them online, in print, in pictures, videos, and multi-media productions.

web services

Do you know a non-profit that needs a website?
Get in contact with our business experts.

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