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Logo Design Services

We have experience helping various companies in different industries. We offer Graphic Design, Web design, SEO, content writing in Spanish or English, and more, from Grand Rapids, Michigan to anywhere in the Americas.

Graphic Design background

What does design say about your organization?

If a "picture is worth, a thousand words", promotional pieces with good graphic design could lead to your fortune. Eye-catching art or photos drive home your message and create customer desire. When used correctly, pictures on your logo, ads, brochures, or website can be a bonanza for your business. Starting with a striking logo, the design on every piece you publish should:


  • Clearly connect to your business and its products and services

  • Be attractive, relevant, professional, and attention-getting

  • Provoke positive thoughts and incite the urge to buy


Professional graphic design elevates the public image of your organization. Poorly designed pieces can be costly to your bottom line. Every element of art matters. Strategically placed, along with well-written copy, professional design communicates quality to customers, carries your message, and convinces people that your company is worthy of their business.   

Authoritek logo
Authoritek logo
All things wix logo

"Carlos and CIS Agency was great to work with! He helped build our brand by helping us design our logo and develop a website in correspondence with that logo. Everything looks and feels professional. Carlos was attentive, very easy to reach and prompt with his responses. It has been a great experience working with Carlos. Thanks so much!"

Laurie Zokoe

Realtor  |  Laurie Zokoe Team

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