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CIS Agency + Semrush

CIS Agency plus Semrush equals countless ways to grow your business!

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Semrush SEO Tool

What's Semrush?

Semrush is one platform with over 55 tools for website managers and business owners. We love how their tools make it easy to do competitor research, perform SEO audits, build a winning social media strategy, and more. Collaborating with Semrush is just one more way we bring value to our clients.

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimization is a set of actions that help your website rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (or SERPs). Appearing higher up on search results from search engines like Google means more people will find your website, your business, and your products/services. Even if you're an SEO beginner, Semrush has a ton of tools to help your business achieve great SEO results.

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Toolkits from Semrush 

Here are just some of the resources available to help you reach your audience across key channels.


Ubersuggest helps you understand how your competitors are earning their website rankings. With insight into SEO strategies that are working for other companies in your market, you'll be able to adapt those strategies for yourself.

Content Marketing

Create content like an expert (even if you're not). Semrush's content marketing toolkit includes:

  • Topic research--Discover what content your audience wants and needs

  • SEO writing assistance--Make SEO-friendly content with easy-to-use templates and tips

  • Content audits--Get real-time metrics and ideas to improve your content

  • Tracking tools--Learn about your content's reach and track brand mentions

Market Research

Understand your competitors' strategies to improve your own. With this toolkit, you'll learn.

  • How much traffic does any given website gets

  • What strategies your competition is using to promote their content

  • How to grow your market share

  • What keywords and backlinks you should target


Get insights on how to optimize your ad spending for the best return:

  • Paid advertising tips--Learn how to get the most out of your advertising budget.

  • PPC keyword tool--Boost your Pay Per Click campaigns by targeting the best keywords.

  • Advertising research--Analyze your competitors' current and past ad campaigns.

  • PLA research--Analyze Product Listing Ads on Google Shopping.