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We inspire you to thrive!

You are brilliant.

You are an entrepreneur. You’re busy launching your brand, building relationships, being the boss. You have ideas flowing faster than you can keep up with.

You are smart enough to know that Wix is the best platform for your business. It’s simple to build a basic site, it offers all the analytics you could possibly want, it’s optimized for mobile, and it offers industry-leading SEO. You know you want that, even if you don't 100% understand exactly what it is.

But’re not a web designer. Or a graphic designer. And you don’t have the time while building and training and growing and dreaming to really maximize your Wix website. 


Sound familiar?

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CIS Agency is here for you. We have partnered with Wix to support, build, and create your perfect website. Our graphic designers and web designers will create the visual aesthetics you are looking for. Through our strategic partnership, we are able to provide support to all Wix websites.

As a “Wix Agency,”  we do what others have not: we pioneered IDX integration for real estate agents, created over 500 Wix websites for clients, and continue to offer cutting-edge support and guidance to our clients. Whether you’re a local business or a national brand - we support you and your dreams from our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Whether you need help just once to create your website or want ongoing monthly support to maximize your web traffic, CIS Agency has the tools, relationships, and experience to give you everything you need to create the website that perfectly reflects your business. This means you spend less time programming in front of a computer screen and more time dreaming up new, big ideas.  

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You’re a smart entrepreneur like that - you know how valuable your time is. We at CIS Agency want to give you that time back.  

Wix Website + CIS Agency. 

That’s where the magic happens!