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Custom Wix Coding using Velo

  • Wix Dynamic Pages: Great for pages that are commonly repeated. 

  • Custom Quote tool: Clients can quickly receive a quote online.

  • Multiple locations on Google Maps: If you have multiple locations, need a business directory, or have vendors you'd like to showcase in one place.

  • Customize Forms: Customize your forms, automate them or add reCAPTCHA to your forms to prevent bots from filling up your inbox.

  • Image and Text Animations: We can help animate your text and images on a Wix website using Velo.

  • Customize Your Home Menu: Customize your Home Menu and build it just like you'd like. 

  • Collapsible and Expandable elements: Expand, collapse, show, and hide any Wix Page element.

  • Questionnaire App: Build out a Questionnaire that allows you to collect data; great for clinics, veterinarians, dentists, and any other industry that needs to collect patient data. 

  • Search Functionality: Add Filters, Queries, and Data to your page to allow users to search items inside a collection.

  • 3rd-Party APIs: We can help bridge your third-party software to Wix, depending on the API.

  • Email Automations: Wix Ascend can help trigger your client emails depending on their actions on your Wix website.

  • Dark Mode: Enable Dark Mode for your users.

  • Database Migration: Import your data from an external CSV to a Wix Collection.

  • Special Event Functions: Trigger a particular function when a user clicks, hovers, or changes an element.

Wix Ecommerce Custom Solutions

  • Bulk Add to Cart: Add multiple items to a cart as a group rather than adding each individual item.

  • Custom Store Filters: Add store filters to easily navigate through your products or services.

  • Product Reviews Section: Allow site members to review your products.

  • Upsell Products: While products are in the cart, upsell your products to drive more revenue.

  • Wishlist Functionality: Allow users to save their favorite items to their profile for later purchases.

  • Back In stock Notifications: Notify your customers when you have restocked. 

  • Low In-Stock Notifications: Notify users when an item is low in stock.

  • Triggered Lightboxes: Display a lightbox when a user has a set amount or item in their cart.

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