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Wix Velo Agency
Wix VELO Partner

Velo by Wix

Custom Wix Coding using Velo.

Wix Velo
  • Wix Dynamic Pages: Perfect for frequently duplicated content, making it easier to manage and maintain.

  • Custom Quote Tool: This allows clients to swiftly obtain online quotes, streamlining the quotation process.

  • Multiple Locations on Google Maps: Ideal for displaying multiple locations, building business directories, or showcasing vendors in one convenient spot.

  • Customizable Forms: Tailor your forms to your specific needs, automate them, and enhance security with reCAPTCHA to prevent unwanted submissions.

  • Image and Text Animations: Elevate the visual appeal of your Wix website by adding dynamic animations to text and images, utilizing Velo for customization.

  • Customize Your Home Menu: Personalize your home menu to match your preferences and navigation style.

  • Collapsible and Expandable Elements: Easily expand, collapse, show, or hide any element on your Wix pages to create a more interactive user experience.

  • Questionnaire App: Create comprehensive questionnaires to collect data, ideal for industries like clinics, veterinarians, dentists, and others requiring patient information.

  • Search Functionality: Enhance user experience by adding filters, queries, and data search capabilities to help users find specific items within your collection.

  • 3rd-Party APIs: Connect your third-party software seamlessly with Wix, depending on the specific API requirements.

  • Email Automation: Utilize Wix Ascend to trigger client emails based on their actions on your Wix website, enhancing user engagement.

  • Dark Mode: Enable Dark Mode to provide users with an alternative viewing experience that's easy on the eyes.

  • Database Migration: Streamline the process of importing data from external CSV files into Wix Collections for organized data management.

  • Special Event Functions: Implement specific functions that trigger when users interact with elements, such as clicks, hovers, or changes, to enhance user engagement and interactivity.

Wix Ecommerce Custom Solutions.

  • Bulk Cart Additions: Simplify the shopping process by adding multiple items to your cart collectively, eliminating the need to add each item individually.

  • Tailored Store Filters: Enhance product discovery with custom store filters that make it effortless for users to explore your range of products or services.

  • Product Review Section: Empower site members to share their valuable insights and opinions by enabling product reviews, and fostering transparency and trust.

  • Smart Product Upselling: Boost your revenue potential by offering additional products while customers have items in their cart, encouraging complementary purchases.

Wix Velo solutions
custom code website
  • Wishlist Functionality: Provide users with the option to save their preferred items to their profile for future purchases, ensuring a convenient and personalized shopping experience.

  • Back In-Stock Alerts: Keep your customers informed and engaged by sending notifications when items are back in stock, helping them seize the products they desire.

  • Low In-Stock Alerts: Enhance the sense of urgency by notifying users when a particular item is running low in stock, encouraging timely decision-making.

  • Triggered Lightboxes: Capture your users' attention with strategically displayed lightboxes, appearing when they reach a specified cart quantity or item selection, for enhanced interaction and engagement.

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