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Wix Pro Support

Do you need help with your current Wix website?

Business owners, we hear you! You started your business for a reason – maybe it was to fill a gap you noticed, to solve a problem for others, or even just do more of what you love. Unless your business IS creating websites, you’re probably finding yourself wishing someone would just take it off your hands.

We’re happy to help with all of your Wix website needs!

Here are a few areas where we can help improve your Wix Site:​

Wix Support
  • Coding through Velo by Wix

  • Improving Website Speed

  • Migration from another platform like WordPress 

  • Maintenance if you need on-going support

  • Wix SEO

  • 3rd Party App integrations

  • Database and Forms

  • Graphic Design and Layout

You shouldn't have to spend too much time on your Wix website,

otherwise when will you have time to grow your business?

Delegation is the key to success, and you should delegate to someone you trust to get the job done. We’ve got a team of creatives, graphic designers, content writers, and web designers who can help with selecting the right template or look and feel, asking for the right content, and putting everything together for you while YOU work on something ELSE! Hopefully something you love doing, but at least something other than website design!

Wix editor

Are you troubleshooting a problem with your Wix website that you think we haven't seen before?

Try us! We love a challenge, and we truly love helping businesses get noticed and feel great about sharing their websites with clients. We want you to do what you’re best at – which is why you probably started your business to begin with! Let us take this important piece off your plate so you can focus on what truly drives you.

Need help? Get in touch with our business development team @ 616.347.6300

Wix website

Do you want to skip the hassles and focus on your own business?

Select your template and Hire Us to re-adjust it for you. We can also design a custom website for your company.

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