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Affordable Wix Auto Repair Website Templates

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Garage Templates

For the average person, bringing a vehicle in for service or repairs aren’t exactly how they want to spend their Tuesday afternoon. You know that your customer doesn’t WANT to be there, and it’s probably one of the reasons you opened your shop! You want to make it easy for your customer to understand what needs to get done, how much it will cost, and all the long-term benefits. All of this is as quick and painless as possible, right?

As the owner of the garage, we assume working on your website probably brings you the same amount of joy. You’d rather be in that garage providing great customer service, or overseeing that great workmanship, not slumped in front of your computer trying to write code!

Well, that’s exactly what the Garage Templates do for you. Built on what we believe is one of the best platforms ( It makes your website easy to build, it’s quick, and it’s painless! Even better, it comes with all the benefits of having a professional website - because it is one!

With the CIS Agency’s Garage Templates, you’ve got a space for everything: from a place to share who you are to your philosophy on taking care of the customer. There are easy-to-access web pages with a list of services to explain warranties and covered maintenance. Most importantly, there’s a BRIGHT convenient action link that says Contact Us so your customers can reach you easily – no hassle at all.

No hassle for you, no hassle for them – just like they can expect when they bring their vehicle to you. That vehicle does more than just get them from point A to point B. It takes their kids to practice, it’s their safe haven on their commute to and from work, it took them on vacations, and so much more. Your business is like that vehicle. It pays for those practices, it is that work you go to every day; it makes those vacations possible.

Your website should help you build that business, not take you away from it. Let the Garage Template get you started so you can get back to the work you really love!


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