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Wix Professional Services Website Templates

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Start Up Templates

You thought up the idea, you wrote the business plan, and you've secured that precious funding. You're living the dream! Now it's time to build a website that will draw in clients so you (and your investors!) can enjoy the success of your hard work and creativity.

It wasn't easy to secure that funding. You'd like to see the majority of it go towards making the best product possible. But remember: Your time is just as valuable! You're the brains behind this operation after all! Who has time to sit and think about a website when you want to keep creating solutions for your customers? And who has the resources to pay for an expensive platform and hire a freelance code-writer?

Wouldn't it be a dream if there was a more affordable way to have a professional website with everything you need to get the word out there about your new


CIS Agency and Wix have partnered to that dream a reality! We chose Wix because we believe they are the best platform out there. Using their technology and services, we've created a template just for you and your start-up. Our Professional Service Wix Templates have everything you need for a clean, professional-looking site. Your logo is featured right away, along with links to websites for your story, your services, and - most importantly - your contact information and available services!

This template gets you started so all that's left is plug and play. Save your creative juices for that next big breakthrough! Let CIS Agency and Wix provide you with a platform to launch with a website that practically does the work for you! Now you're really living the dream!


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