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A Website AI Builder? Wix Introduces Wix ADI

Updated: May 16


As you may have heard, many professionals are investigating the potential of automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in various industries. AI has been making significant progress and gaining attention in fields ranging from healthcare to vehicle manufacturing to digital art. However, some might question whether it can also be utilized for website design.

A few years ago, Wix introduced its Artificial Design Intelligence, or Wix ADI, which is marketed as the first AI tool for web design. While Wix ADI can be a helpful tool for small business owners and novice web designers who want to create simple websites, it's still recommended that more complex web development be handled by human designers who are able to customize designs creatively.

At CIS Agency, we want to give you some benefits and disadvantages of this tool.

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Benefits of Wix ADI

Wix ADI is a website builder that is easy to use and does not require technical knowledge. You just need to answer a few questions and customize the elements added to your site. Wix ADI can also help inspire you by automatically adding relevant content that you can edit as needed. It's affordable, and you can use the basic version for free. If you want more creative control, switch to the standard Wix Editor or begin designing on Editor X. Wix ADI is a solid choice for anyone who wants to create a simple website without hassle.

Disadvantages of Wix ADI

When it comes to Wix ADI, one of the main cons is that you can only create a basic website and have limited options for customization. This is because ADI offers fewer editing and design tools compared to the Wix Editor. Furthermore, you are not able to choose from Wix's wide range of templates as you can in the Editor. Although ADI fills in your website for you based on your input to the questions it asks, you may find it difficult to get your site to look exactly as you desire. Another notable downside is that Wix ADI does not provide complete access to the Wix app market, which is available with the Editor. Another disadvantage would be in using Velo and advanced SEO features. As of now, using the Wix Editor or Editor X is still your best option.

WIX ADI Streamlines Web Design With Ease, But Its Functionality Doesn't Compare To Custom Web Development.

In conclusion, after researching the Wix ADI, we have been impressed with its capability to automate various aspects of web design. However, it remains imperative to acknowledge the vital role that human expertise plays in the process. Despite the advancements in AI and automation, they can only partially replace the creativity and skill of a professional web designer, particularly when it comes to areas such as SEO and digital marketing strategies. While the evolution of technology is exciting, it is evident that there is still a significant need for individuals with genuine abilities and knowledge in this field.

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