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4 Reasons why a business needs a Wix Website

Updated: Mar 21

Wix Salon Website Sample

Why is a Wix website important for your business?

If you’re among the roughly 50 percent of businesses without a website, you fail to reach up to 93 percent of your market. Today’s consumer expects companies to have a website. When a company that a consumer is considering buying from doesn’t have one, he or she may not pursue the product or service any further. If that’s not reason enough to invest in a website, we have four more for you:

  1. It makes your company look credible: Think about the last time you completed a Google search, read great reviews about a business, and followed through with a purchase. You must admit that the online presence helped you trust the company. What kind of message are your customers receiving when they can’t learn anything about your business online? Learn more about branding.

  2. Reduces cost: If you want to dramatically decrease your overhead costs, then you need to take your business online. There’s no better way to reduce the expenses associated with property taxes, shop rent, staff, and utility bills. When you need to arrange delivery with a customer, communicating online allows you to do so for a much lower cost. Larger companies with many employees can save travel costs by interacting on a website forum instead.

  3. Your business never closes: You often have little control over how many hours per day you can keep a brick-and-mortar store open. The city or shopping development decides, which means you may not have enough exposure to meet your profit goals. An online store never closes. Your customers can log on in the middle of the night, on Christmas Day, or over the weekend if they choose and place an order. It’s also convenient for them to look up information about your business when no one is available at your physical location to help them.

  4. Reach a worldwide audience: Besides limited hours, retail stores and other types of businesses face limitations because of their location. Customers will only drive so far to see what you have to offer. With a website, you can reach potential customers across the state, country, and world. Even local customers will appreciate the convenience of logging on to conduct business with you rather than spend their precious little free time having to do so.

CIS Agency knows that every business is different. That’s why we offer website packages for everyone, from the solo entrepreneur to the enterprise business.

Please get in touch with us at 616.347.6300 to learn more.

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