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Why Websites Prices have become more Affordable!

Updated: Nov 15

CIS Agency is known for building affordable, attractive, and high-performing websites. Thanks to the low-code, no-code movement, we can make these websites affordable too.

What is Coding?

Coding is the process of writing code for computers and programs, determining everything from how a program runs to how it looks. Everything you see on your screen has code behind it. That code is often written using complicated programming "languages" These languages use strings of words, letters, numbers, punctuation, and special symbols that can be read by a computer or application and translated into instructions.

Website Building in the Past

Initially, website developers used these complex programming languages to build even a simple website. However, building a website this way takes time and specialized programming expertise. If CIS Agency were to create our websites using only the old method of traditional coding, it would take longer and be more expensive.

Introducing Low-Code, No-Code Software

Instead, we use Wix's low-code and no-code software platforms to quickly create

Wix Web and Mobile Design
Wix Web and Mobile Design

stunning websites without the need to write every line of code from scratch. The movement toward low-code, no-code websites started in the 1980s when web developers realized we needed an easier, faster way to create websites. Low-code, no-code platforms use pre-arranged or pre-written code so anyone can easily drag and drop elements to create websites, apps, email campaigns, and more.

This movement has made website building much more accessible, as you no longer need coding knowledge to create websites with pre-built elements. However, the trade-off is less creative control. The more coding you're willing to do, the more complex and customized design features you can add.

No-Code vs. Low-Code

Let's examine the differences between no-code and low-code software.

No-code software is intended for those who know nothing about coding. These platforms are made with an interface that's as easy to use as possible. However, some capabilities may be limited because it relies on basic building blocks with pre-written code. The Wix Editor is an example of a no-code platform.

On the other hand, low-code aims at somewhere between no-code and traditional-code functionality. Low-code software still includes drag-and-drop building blocks and a user-friendly interface. However, it also allows users to add their code if they want to customize it further. Wix Velo is an example of a low-code platform.

How Low-Code, No-Code Keeps Costs Down

There are several reasons why CIS Agency uses low-code, no-code software to keep our costs low.

  1. First, low-code, no-code websites can be developed faster. Because they don't require hours of coding, you'll see prototypes and final results in less time. They can also be edited and updated far more quickly to keep up with the changing needs of an audience or business.

  2. Second, they require less of a learning curve, meaning that a business owner or employee can learn to manage a low-code, no-code website, email, etc., without becoming a programmer.

  3. Finally, low-code, no-code websites can be easily scaled to fit the needs and budget of any individual or company. For many businesses, a low-code, no-code website is far more cost-effective than hiring a high-end developer to create the software from scratch.

The low-code, no-code movement changed the landscape of web development

Wix low-code, no-code website
Wix low-code, no-code websit