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Easy to Build- Wix Website Templates- by Industry

Updated: Jan 15

In this modern digital world, websites play a very crucial role in every business (big or small). CIS Agency has built the right one for you!

Having your own website is a must for today's professionals no matter what industry you work in, and most business owners have taken measures to adapt to the new reality that COVID-19 has created. Many of them have increased their online activities to reach out to their client base and keep their business alive by selling their products and services online -but not all of them-.

Many are still looking for ways to create a new website or redesign their old one and join in this new digital journey. --For this reason at CIS Agency we want to help make this transition very simple.

Our wonderful & talented team of graphic designers have spent hours creating new and stunning Wix website templates for a variety of industries and purposes. -And because there are so many amazing concepts for small businesses out there, our Wix website templates collection continues to grow as well.

Check out our latest template designs and top picks by industries- Yes, they are fully customizable and mobile-friendly!

OFFICIAL WIX PARTNER CIS Agency is here for you. We have partnered with Wix to support, build, and create your perfect website. Our in-house certified Wix experts have created the visual aesthetics you are looking for. Through our strategic partnership, we are able to provide support to all Wix websites.

Choose From CIS Agency's Best New Wix Website Templates

We wanted to make sure we gave you the creative freedom you need to customize to your own brand needs. So, whether you're in need of a new business website, portfolio, blog, or landing page--you have certainly come to the right place.

Below, we've provided a list of our latest templates categorized by industry. When you pick the right one for your brand, you can fully customize, revisit and edit until you're satisfied enough to publish and go live!

View CIS Agency's Wix Template Designs by Industry: