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Wix Websites in 2024 vs. Wix Websites in 2007

Updated: Mar 21

Wix Websites

We joined Wix in 2007 when the platform had many challenges but sparked inspiration, ease of use, and vision. Looking back, we can see all the improvements, integrations, innovations, and progress Wix has made over the years. This 2024, we have already received amazing news on the continuous improvement of Wix Studio and Wix Products in general.

We share a lot about our favorite website editor as a Wix partner. There are many benefits to highlight: security, ease of use, and innovation! The team at Wix has always been looking ahead to making it easy to host a great website. Here's what Google themselves said about the magical Wiz: "For the Wix users, this

[Wix SEO Wiz] is a pretty cool experience because they can see their page in the search results immediately after they have created it. There is no waiting, there is no wondering, "Am I on search or not?" Within seconds, they're on #Google." said Mariya Moeva. Read more about in this article about the Wix & Google collaboration."

Wix always stays on top of SEO tips, improves the editor, and works with the latest technology. Innovation is always top of mind to bring users the best experience possible.

Here is a little background on how Wix got started. In 2006, two brothers and their close friends were creating a website for a different start-up idea. They were so frustrated by the process they decided to change course and create a platform that made it easy for people with an idea to get their information on the web. In 2007, Carlos Valladares (Founder of CIS Agency) began exploring the Wix platform. In 2009, Wix hit their one million user milestone using their Flash editor IN JUST ONE YEAR! Two years later, in 2011, Wix boasted 10 million users!

The innovation had to start early. As the talk around the water cooler went on, Flash was going away, and a new standard for media plug-ins was coming: HTML5. The Wix team wasted no time and launched their drag-and-drop HTML5 editor in 2012.

The world of web design would never be the same, and Wix wants to keep making that happen. In 2014 another editor was launched, and in 2016, Wix solved a problem for users who didn't even want an editor - people wanted EASIER yet! ADI - Artificial Design Intelligence - was launched. Plugin some content, answer some questions, and Wix ADI will create a site for you. That same year Wix reached out to CIS #Agency to begin an agency program for Wix Partners, and ever since, CIS Agency's new focus has been to help improve, support, and integrate Wix Websites.

Now Wix has over 200 million users and a robust Wix Partner Program where users can be matched with Wix Partners (like CIS Agency!) to help with website creation, small website development tasks, or the whole nine yards. CIS Agency offers branding, graphic design, web development, custom coding, third-party integrations, SEO, social media management, Wix Velo support, and Google / FB Advertising.

Wix is also staying ahead of the game with #SEO, of course - read our spotlight on the Wix SEO Wiz here!

Website design sure has come a long way. Looking back over the last decade, it's amazing to think about what it will all look like in 2030! One thing is for sure -- we want your website and your business to thrive, too! Reach out to us today to discuss how CIS Agency can help you manage, improve and/or redesign your #Wix website.

Here is another great article to see how #Wix compares to #Shopify or other platforms; read this in-depth comparison article: Wix vs. Shopify: Which is better?

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