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A Complete Guide to Content Marketing in 2023

Updated: Nov 20

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When it comes to being successful in attracting clients, it can all come down to the content you are putting out there. Is it engaging your ideal client? Is it keeping your current customer base interested?

Keeping your content fresh and focused is the best way to ensure you get the most out of what you're creating; it also helps boost your SEO.

It's important to create content that gets your name out there, gets your ideal client interested, promotes consideration of your product or service, and helps your potential clients and current customers make a decision that involves working with you!

Check out these content ideas that will help you in each of those four areas:

Brand Awareness

You need content that is going to create awareness. This means the content needs to spark interest in what you do. This can be done by showing your brand's "expert" side. Think of this kind of content as what you want people to share when they see it. We want them to share it with your ideal client! Remember, this is the first step in building a top-of-mind brand.

Ideas for awareness content can include:

Updated Blog Posts

As you can see here at CIS Agency, we use blog posts as one of our forms of awareness content! Blog posts allow you to show off your expertise, help your customers and ideal clients with what they need, and it also is an opportunity to allow customers to hear your voice. Content should always be written in your brand voice. If you're unsure what that is, don't worry - we have a blog too!

Assessments and Quizzes

Who doesn't love a good online quiz? On the surface, a quiz about you and your partner's financial compatibility or which house you should buy based on your Enneagram number can be fun! However, if done well, these assessments and quizzes can help you reach a specific audience and gather some key information about them before reaching out! For example, a financial advisor may use that compatibility quiz to reach out to couples who need mediation and guidance regarding how to manage their money. The house quiz can be great for realtors, designers, builders, or anyone who deals with remodeling homes!

The best part about quizzes is that they catch people's eyes and usually get shared. It may take a bit of set-up, but these assessments can produce a high return!

Podcasts and Video Channels

Another great way to establish your brand as an expert is by creating content outside of just the written word. Podcasts and videos will reach another audience, and - a big bonus - most of the time, you can offer a subscription! This means when you create new content, it immediately gets pushed to your subscriber base. Remember that sometimes you'll want to create awareness with podcasts and videos, but you can also hit on the other three goals of creating interest, consideration, and making a decision.

This is another great way to establish your brand voice. These episodes can be fun and light-hearted, or they can be brief and more serious, or they can be anything in between! Find what works for your brand and your base.

Other Content Awareness Ideas

There's so much you can do to drive awareness! A few more ideas include:

● Sharing articles

● Infographics

● Whitepapers

● Thought Leadership

● News

● Tip Sheets

● Webinars

● eBooks

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