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4 Reasons You Need Help with Your Wix Website

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Get a Wix Website

Business owners: we hear you. You started your business for a reason - maybe it was to fill a gap you noticed, to solve a problem for others, or even just do more of what you love. Unless your business IS creating websites, you're probably finding yourself wishing someone would just take it off your hands.

Hi! We're CIS Agency - nice to meet you!

Let us introduce you to the kind of people we help:

#1 - If you know you need to create a website ( typically DIY platforms like Wix or squarespace), but you're sure where to start, don't really have time, and to be honest, you really don't WANT to spend time on this!

You shouldn't have to spend time too much time on this! Delegation is the key to success and you should delegate to someone you trust to get the job done. We've got a team of creatives, graphic designers, content writers and web designers who can help with selecting the right template or look and feel, asking for the right content, and putting everything together for you while you work on something else! Hopefully something you love doing, but at least something other than website design! Tip: You could also start from choosing a Wix template here.

#2 - You've already created a Wix site, but you don't like it. It's not as nice as you'd like it to be.

Congratulations on getting the Wix website created and choosing a great platform like Wix! We are all about taking what you've created and bringing your authentic vision to life. The graphic designers on our team know what is pleasing to the eye and our marketing team knows how to leverage your content and images to get noticed on search engines!

#3 - You've already created a site somewhere else, but the platform you used is a problem! It's complicated, it keeps going down, you keep getting hacked, please help me fix this!

Our pleasure - first, we'll move you to Wix where you will see less downtime, more security, and we'll keep things simple! We'll ask for the right content, use the right images, and get you excited about getting your new website out there to your current and potential customers! Tip: View our post about making the switch from Wordpress to a Wix website.

#4 - You've got a Wix site, it's pretty, but it's not really doing you any favors in driving traffic. Maybe you need to do something with SEO, whatever that is?

You've got the eye for design, but what about Search Engine Optimization? You could spend months learning about what will get you noticed only to have the algorithm change! We want you focused on what's happening in your industry - let us handle the ever-changing world of SEO for you through Wix SEO Wiz and our own expertise!

Got a problem you think we haven't seen before? Try us! We love a challenge and we truly love helping businesses get noticed and feel great about sharing their websites with clients. We want you to do what you're best at - which is why you probably started your business to begin with! Let us take this important piece off your plate so you can focus on what truly drives you.

Need Help? Get in touch with our business development team @ 313.737.2899


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