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A Small Business can build a Big Name: Why Branding Matters!

Updated: May 31, 2021

What does ‘branding’ do for your business?

You know exactly what your favorite brands mean to you. You have probably pondered -- or may have been asked -- questions like these:

Which brand of soft drink do you like best? Which brand of beer? Which mouthwash?

What’s the most reliable brand in dishwashers? Lawnmowers? Automobiles? Ovens?

Where do you shop for the best food brands or the most popular clothing brands?

Branding helps a business build a reputation that buyers rely on. You know you can count on Coke (or Pepsi) to deliver the punch you need. You realize that that there are cheaper brands than Crest or Colgate, but you’ll probably pay more to bring home the toothpaste you believe is best for your family.

Successful companies work continuously to keep their brand in your subconscious mind. When you need a tissue, they want you to think Kleenex. If you plan to buy a new easy chair, Lazy Boy bubbles up in your brain. Johnson & Johnson is likely to be your preferred kind of baby powder or first aid product. That’s no accident. Heavy hitters like these companies have been branding their businesses for a long time to bury their name brands in the memory lobe of your brain.

Your brand is simply who you are as a company -- and who people perceive you to be. It tells consumers what they can expect from your products and services. Your brand distinguishes your business from a cadre of competitors.

Memorable brands portray professionalism and carry consistent messages

Through branding strategies, companies create a positive, professional image of themselves to inhabit consumers’ heads. A vivid picture, often a corporate logo and company name, pops up whenever potential customers are ready to buy. Most of us make an immediate connection with the brand that’s etched into our brains. The more we know about a certain brand, the more solid the company grows in our grey matter. As we absorb its messages, see the firm’s name tied to an alluring logo, listen to its clever jingles and enjoy its endearing ads, we begin to associate the organization with top-notch products and services.

A small business can build a BIG NAME

What you communicate visually and verbally becomes your brand. That means you need to choose words and images wisely to reflect your firm’s best features and customer benefits.

Branding is not limited to large, well-known companies, but building their brand helped make them the giants they’ve become.

Any size company can use branding to help sell products and services. The most effective branding builds loyalty, connecting the company to concepts like high quality, cost-effective, reliable, experienced, or excellent. With a great logo, good reputation, tantalizing taglines, mobilizing mottos, and creative ads clarifying a company’s advantages, any business can build a brand that brings in customers.

The brightest marketing professionals not only aim for brand recognition but also strive to help firms maintain good reputations through the quality standards that branding sets. Strong branding can give a business an enormous edge in increasingly competitive markets.

BRANDING: Creating a name, symbol, design, and message that identifies and differentiates your company’s merchandise from other products and services.

“Coordinating website domains, online and in-print promotions, social media posts, blogs, brochures, and other forms of communication is vital to your brand,” says Carlos Valla