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Graphic Design Speaks in Many Languages for Small Businesses

Updated: Mar 21

Step off a plane anywhere in the world, and you see it. It’s on hats in Australia, on T-shirts in Europe, and on sneakers in Africa. The Nike swoosh sign is everywhere!

It’s a simple design that resembles a boomerang, but it says so much more. Agile. Able. Athletic.

With or without Nike’s famous tagline 'Just Do It!', the Swoosh sign speaks to everyone in every language on earth.

That’s the power of great design. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It’s not important to be intricate. It just has to be right!

A company’s logo and every last bit of graphic design used on its website, brochures, videos, and other promotional pieces should:

  • Clearly connect to an organization, its products, and services

  • Look professional and be attractive, relevant, and eye-catching

  • Provoke positive thoughts, excite senses, and incite people to purchase

Graphic design elevates any organization. It says its name out loud. It’s instantly recognizable and speaks volumes about the business it represents.

Poorly designed graphic art, page presentation, or website appearance can be costly. Potential customers judge a company's quality by the design of its promotional pieces. All it takes is a glance to decide if a customer is convinced.

Every element of design matters. Strategically placed on products, ads, brochures, and other marketing tools, the professional design communicates a company’s mission, goals, and reputation in a moment. Design speaks!

If you plan on starting a new small business or need help re-branding your business image, start by contacting one of our CIS Agency marketing specialists at

We offer a quick turnaround and work directly with you and your business. Visit 'Our Work' or learn more about our services.

If you’re one of those small business owners who hasn’t given much thought to your image, we can help. We will professionally assess your public image and make recommendations to improve it. Contact CIS Agency.

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