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CIS Agency - We are YOUR Wix Agency.

Updated: Mar 21

Trades-based businesses are the backbone of the American dream. Learning a trade and then providing that service to those in need of that skill -- that is what building a business is all about.

That's what CIS Agency is all about.

Our trade is visibility. We help companies like yours be seen by the people who need you the most, even before they know they need you!

When you meet with your customers, you assess their situation and use your unique experience to recommend the services they need. You help your customers go back to having running water, keeping their homes warm in the winter, and maintaining reliable transportation to and from their job, their loved ones, and anywhere else they need to go. You help keep the lights on for your customers! We want to help you do that for yourself and MORE. We want you to not only make a living performing these important tasks for your customers; we want you to THRIVE.

We can do that by taking care of you the same way you take care of your customers.

When we meet, we will start by assessing your situation. We'll talk about who is finding you now, and we'll use our unique experience to create a plan to help more people find you. Staying visible in front of current and potential customers is important for any business, especially a trade. How many of your customers found you only after something went wrong in their home, business, or vehicle?

Just like changing the oil in a car or replacing an air filter in an HVAC system, marketing and advertising work best when properly maintained. While you're busy writing quotes, following up with customers, and doing the work--we are busy creating your graphics, telling your story, and keeping you at the front of your customers' minds.

If you've been thinking about updating (or creating) your website, getting on social media, or if you just know there is probably more you could be doing to get your name out there --reach out to us. We are YOUR agency. We offer website templates for mechanics, garages, and construction companies. We already do social media for many auto repairs, HVAC, and plumbing companies. We know your world and we want to help you succeed in it.

Now is the best time to get started. Reach out to CIS Agency, your trade-experienced marketing, and advertising team, today!

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