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How Your Business Benefits from Video?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Have you ever found yourself mesmerized by a video? It caught your eye and ten or fifteen seconds later you realize you had been transported somewhere else for a moment? It’s like walking around ArtPrize – sure, a painting or a photograph may catch your eye, but where do you see the most crowds? Live performances and video submissions.

Imagine your potential clients spending those same precious moments focused on a video from you. They are focused on your business, on what you have to offer.

Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product ended up buying it. If you’re going to put your product out there, wouldn’t you choose the medium with that high of a return on investment?

How does this video magic work? Glad you asked!

Video Builds Trust

Ever bought a product only to find it didn’t deliver what was promised in the ad? Ever dismissed a product only to find out later that it did something you didn’t even realize? Imagine being able to see the product in action before you buy it. Imagine being able to watch an expert show you all the features. Imagine having somewhere to turn for easy-to-follow instructions and troubleshooting.

This level of detail matters. You are creating trust with the consumer. They can see exactly what you’re selling and how they could use it in their day-to-day lives. Video gives you the ability to reach your target audience and build belief.

Video Means More Visibility on Google

Sure, paying a large sum of money could get you prime commercial time (that all those DVR users will be fast-forwarding through), but launching a video campaign will get you to the top of the heap with search engines — especially Google. Their algorithms are looking for the most engaging content. We already know how engaging video can be. Launch the campaign and enjoy the many eyes of potential buyers on your product!

Video Appeals to Mobile Users

90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile device. Look around you. If you see ten people on a phone or tablet, nine of them are probably watching a video. That could be YOUR video they are watching. Even more powerful is the ability to use social media - Facebook, for instance, will begin automatically playing a video uploaded for its users as they scroll by. You’ll not only snag their attention but be more likely to engage with consumers who are already looking for engaging content.

Video Encourages Social Shares

What else are those mobile users doing besides watching video content? They’re sharing video content. Specifically, they are sharing video content that made them feel something. Create video content that makes someone laugh or pulls at the heartstrings with a bigger message. Not only will you drive more traffic to your page and increase the visibility of your brand, but you could use your broadening reach to start a movement! At the very least, your video can brighten someone’s day or open someone’s eyes. Many consumers buy based on emotion — video can help with that connection.

Video can be “unskippable.”

Watch a YouTube video or log into Hulu to watch your favorite show. Now, try skipping those video ads. You can’t - at least not right away. Sometimes you find yourself lost in the ad and completely forget about that “Skip Ad” button. A lot of users do! That could be your name, your product, your message - all getting out to those potential buyers!

The majority of consumers prefer video content over reading. Tell your story. Tell the whole story. Not sure where to start? Talk to CIS Agency today to get in on the video action. We would love to help you tell your story, broaden your reach, sell your product.



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