Wix Modern Look Website Template by CIS Agency

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

You’ve got taste, style - an eye for what’s attractive. You want your customers and potential customers to see exactly what you see in their future: clean lines, beauty, and elegance. Therefore, your website needs exactly that: clean lines, beauty, and elegance - and accessibility.

You spend a lot of time creating that vision for your clients. Do you have the time or the energy to put it into your website? Can you picture yourself sitting in front of a computer and working tirelessly on every detail? How long until you’ll be happy with it? How much additional learning and training will it require before it’s perfect?

At CIS Agency, we like your style. We like it so much, we partnered with Wix to create a modern-looking, elegant template on the best website platform out there. We paired form with function. The Modern Style Template allows you to show off your vision with links to your story, your services, photos of your works of art, and – most importantly – a way to contact you.

Sleek and sophisticated, this template is just like you. We created this template so you could continue to create works of art for your clients -- and maybe even yourself!

Demo: Modern Template

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