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Online Marketing For Small Businesses in 2024

Updated: Mar 21

Mobile Online Websites and Marketing

Does your company get enough online exposure?

Since the world first heard of COVID 19, global challenges have been ongoing. The way we consumers shop online continues to evolve at a fast pace. So, how much online marketing does your company do? What kind of online exposure do you need to run a profitable business these days? As much as possible, the experts say.

“To be relevant in today’s crowded marketplace, being online is a must,” wrote Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle in a recent Forbes magazine article. In her Forbes story, she quotes a SnapRetail executive who reports that over 85 percent of searches for products or services are now done online.

In the online world, where the vast majority of consumers now find out about products and services

Websites are just the beginning.

You already have an awesome website. Your hosting service updates it monthly as your business grows. It’s linked to your email address for easy access, and it’s optimized to get high numbers of hits. Could you possibly do more?

Yes! Your website is just a start. You now have endless online options for building your customer base. Online marketing has gone much further. That’s why West Michigan-based CIS Agency recently added affordable monthly website plans for its monthly online services.

Through 'Your Brand-Your Solution', CIS Agency now offers clients a choice of four new packages to capitalize on online marketing. Each plan uses social media, email, and other online marketing strategies to keep companies in front of their customers’ minds.

Each of these new packages provides extended online visibility and marketing savvy:

  • Entrepreneur

  • Basic +

  • Enhanced

  • Enterprise

CIS Agency now offers endless online options for growing your customer base

Keep your business in front of your customers.

CIS Agency now gives you many more online options for growing your business. Each of their new monthly online marketing packages can be further enhanced with advertising options.

The following advertising services could be added to your monthly promotional plan for even more online presence:

Google Ads: Your ads appear regularly in Google search results through customized

campaigns based on keywords related to your products and services.

Power Listings: This powerful new platform helps you build your brand online with consistent listings in over 70+ directories. This is also a great way for restaurants to have a consistent menu synced in one place.

Reputation Management: We monitor comments and criticisms on your online ads, posts, and promotions for responses to keep your company’s image positive.

CIS Agency's graphic designers use compelling images for your monthly online ads, posts, and email campaigns. Pictures are not only worth 1,000 words, but they also create interest and enhance your message.

CIS Agency does all the work!

Content creation, ad writing, business listings, marketing, and social media management are all covered in a monthly fee that fits your budget. With CIS Agency's 'Your Brand-Your Solution' services, advertising automatically appears online as expected – without lifting a finger on your part. A 10 percent discount on monthly web services is offered to any company that pays for a year in advance.

Current clients can upgrade immediately, or a CIS Agency agent will give a short presentation of each new service plan available. To learn more about 'Your Brand-Your Solution' service plans, new and current customers should email us at

Need Help? Get in touch with our business development team @ 616.347.6300



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