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Wix SEO and Content Marketing is a Merger to Love

Updated: May 16

If you've had a Wix website for more than a week, you have probably heard the terms search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. However, you may feel confused about each term's meaning and how they fit together. It’s a common mistake to treat SEO and content marketing as separate things. This generally results in disappointment that neither brought the result you expected. Used together, SEO and content marketing can be a powerful combination for your business. Here are four ideas you can implement right away:

  1. Get to know Google Trends: It’s a waste of effort and money to write a blog post that few people will read. Before you put pen to paper or fire up the word processor, head to Google Trends to see more than 100 topics that people have searched for in the past day. You don’t necessarily need to be that recent with your blog subjects, but the 24-hour parameter is a good place to start your search. Note* Be ready to switch to Google's new G4.

  2. Choose your keywords: After selecting a topic, you need to know which keywords to include so people will find the post. Google AdWords and Google Analytics can help you find the most relevant ones. The key is to blend them into your writing naturally, so you don’t get penalized for spam in search engine results. Note* Wix has a lot of online automated tools to help you through this process. Check out their Wix SEO Wizard.

  3. Say yes to guest blogging: Do you have blogs you read frequently and would love to see your own work published there? If so, investigate what it takes to make this happen. It’s the best way to rise to the level of a thought leader in your industry.

  4. Indirect conversions still count: Choosing hot keywords and topics is essential, but don’t forget about people who end up at your website through other means. Perhaps your lead came from a social media site or a word-of-mouth recommendation. The important thing is that he or she checks your site regularly. If you nurture this lead just like the rest, you should see a sales conversion eventually.

These are just four simple ways you can use Wix SEO and content marketing together to add value to the lives of your readers. Providing high-quality, information-rich content will get you noticed in a way that an advertising campaign never could. Your readers will also have a greater appreciation for your products and services than if you had stated how great they were.

CIS Agency provides Wix SEO support, content marketing, Wix website design, and many other services to direct new customers to your business.

Please contact us to discuss your needs today. 616.347.6300


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