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Why Your Small Business NEEDS a Website:

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

At CIS Agency we often hear a few different arguments against having a website:

  1. If my customers have questions, I don’t need a website - they can call me or email me.

  2. Why invest in a website when social media sites are free?

  3. We have been in business for many years without a website!

  4. We have a website but never update or use it to its potential.

Do you fall into any of these schools of thought?

Here are TEN reasons why that would be a costly misstep!

#1 Your customers are expecting a website.

No website? Potential consumers may question whether your business is legit. A website adds credibility to your business. Short of that, they may pass you up for a competitor. This brings us to point #2:

#2 Your competition has a website.

Guaranteed, it’s helping their business -- possibly at your expense! If they don’t, then you should create one to make sure YOU’RE the company that shows up since they won’t!

#3 A website means you’ll show up in search engine results.

Ask your friends how they learn about new products, services, stores, restaurants, etc. Most of them will probably mention Google, Siri, Alexa, or something similar. People - including potential customers -- are searching the internet for exactly what you’re offering. And they could be missing you completely.

According to 2018 data from Google, 75% of smartphone owners turn to a search engine first to address immediate needs. How do you show up on the search? You need a website! (And a little something called Search Engine Optimization, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

#4 A website houses all the important information your potential customers need.

With a website, all the information your customers need (like business hours, FAQs, products, the ability to buy them) are all in one place and are accessible to anyone with an internet connection. They can check you out and get answers to their questions without taking up your precious time to field phone calls about your products/services, hours, etc.

A great example is the Grand Rapids Griffins or West Michigan Whitecaps websites. Check one out and ask yourself: What if this information was only available via phone call? How much time would it take an employee to handle? Yikes! The investment would be staggering!

OK, now you may be wondering...why not just house all of that information on a social media site?

#5 A website allows you to reach the online community as a whole – not just social media users!

First of all, not all of your potential customers use social media. If they are, they aren’t necessarily all using the same platform. Even how they use social media (or how often) can be different. What do these platforms have in common? They all allow users to navigate to your website!

#6 Websites control your testimonials.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you don’t “own” that social media page - even if you’d like to think you do! Posts from customers (or even competitors!), the social media platform’s branding and advertising -- they all affect your brand.