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Wix MLS Integration Using Velo (Wix Code)

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Wix MLS Realtor Search

A housing market with LOTS of interested buyers!

+ Not *nearly* enough people selling.

= A market in which fast turnaround time is EVERYTHING!

Realtors, have you noticed this?

Clients want “instant gratification” – not a lot of back and forth.

You’re constantly searching listings and connecting them to clients.

It sounds like the cure would be a way to allow potential clients to search through your listings right on your website! You may already have a realtor cookie-cutter website (or have been thinking of getting one!) -- it sounded like a great low-cost solution, and it is! But with no customization and MLS integration, does it really do the heavy lifting?!

While there isn’t much *we* can do about the number of houses available, we can help you sell them! Carlos, the CEO of CIS Agency (say that three times fast!) is thrilled to offer a solution for MLS integration on any Wix website that won’t break the bank!

We asked Carlos a few questions about this new Wix Velo(formerly known as Wix code or Corvid) integration, and here’s what he had to say:

A: Sounds like you’ve got a new solution for realtors that you are excited about! What can you tell us?

Carlos: We offer a low-cost solution for realtors to integrate Wix websites with the IDX database to pull from MLS listings directly onto the website using Wix's new Corvid open development platform!

A: That sounds really interesting… I think. Maybe explain it to me in layman’s terms?

Carlos: [laughs] Sure thing! MLS stands for multiple listing services – it houses the houses our realtors have available to sell! This solution will allow realtors to show the listings they have directly on their Wix website and, better yet, filter accordingly to their preferences.

A: Oh, very cool! So, if I’m looking to buy a home in West Michigan and I find a realtor who uses Wix for their website platform – a simple website builder – normally, I would have to reach out to them and make some connections to see their listings, right?

Carlos: Right; even though Wix can be used at a beginner level (or even free), the platform has developed incredibly well and continue to improve daily. They have come a long way, and we have worked closely with their team to continue to enhance their platform and offerings! I would like to clarify that we are not using the simple/free version to develop these and that hosting/development costs will be associated with the sites, just like any other platform.

A: Ugh, that seems time-consuming – and uncomfortable! I’d rather go to their website and immediately be connected to ALL their listings – that way, if I like something I see, I can connect with that realtor immediately.

Carlos: That’s exactly what our integration solution does! There are a lot of real estate agents that have a Wix website, but they don’t have the MLS integrated with it; we can also filter the system to reflect their listings first.

A: What’s holding them back? It sounds like it could be a game-changer, especially in the current real estate market! Talk about instant gratification!

Carlos: A total game-changer, and it used to be expensive and time-consuming. A lot of software development goes into getting MLS to work directly with a website. It usually requires the website to be fully customized and, therefore, very expensive. Many realtors use Wix to avoid a lot of cost (money AND time) in getting their site up and running. If they want to integrate with Wix, it requires being fluent in Corvid – the Wix coding language. We are doing all that coding for them -- which saves a lot of time and a lot of money.

A: Are there a lot of companies offering this solution?

Carlos: We are one of the first in the US, actually! We did a lot of the software development on the backend and offered a lot of feedback on the integration.

A: Wow! What does that mean for your realtor clients?

Carlos: It means we can offer what was once an expensive and complicated solution for a low cost with very little maintenance!

A: Just like Wix! This sounds amazing!

Carlos: We can’t wait to get the word out to help our realtors through this fast-paced time in the market!

We hope you are as excited as Carlos is for this amazing new solution for realtors using Wix! Check out the new MLS Integration landing page and contact us for more information! CIS Agency is ready to get to work for you so you can get to work selling those homes!


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