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Wix vs WordPress Update 2023

Updated: Nov 15

A comparison between Wix and Wordpress
Wix Vs Wordpress

Undoubtedly, one of the most important tools for every small to large business today is its #website. Consumers in the digital age spend most of their time online and researching businesses on the internet. Two of the most common website-building resources today are Wix and WordPress. These platforms are very popular but unique in their own ways.


Wix is very well known for its accessibility and user-friendliness. Small business owners with little coding experience can easily utilize Wix to create a professional website. The Wix workspace uses a drag-and-drop feature that makes editing websites quick and simple. A Wix user can insert pictures, adjust colors or add widgets with just a few clicks.

Tip* Make sure to use the right platform for your business when building on Wix. Wix has over 200 million users, and its services have expanded. Examples (Wix Adi, Wix Classic Editor, Velo and Wix Editor X).

WordPress, however, can be very difficult for a beginner with limited coding experience to pick up. Don't get us wrong, an advanced developer behind the WordPress platform can build an awesome site. Compared to Wix, WordPress doesn’t have a visually appealing workspace that lets users figure out how to edit their websites quickly. Let's be honest, most IT teams lack design, and Wix has great easy to start templates. It is highly recommended that small business owners take time to learn how to be proficient with coding or hire an experienced web developer to use WordPress effectively. Lastly, regarding help, WordPress lacks a full-time support team; instead, users must rely on online forums to find answers to any issues that may arise.

Online Security

Cyber Security is a top concern for all business owners and consumers in today’s digital age. Users must be very careful with deciding what platform to use to keep their businesses and consumers safe from potential hackers.

Wix provides limited customizability to its users. The reason is that the Wix team controls all of their platforms by personally handling all updates and maintenance. As a result, websites designed by Wix are less susceptible to online hacking because users aren’t allowed to manipulate the Wix software.

*Note, with Wix Velo Code introduced in 2017, you can now customize most functionalities on your website.

WordPress is an open-source program that grants its users with coding experience permission to modify their platform, such as developing plugins. Although this feature is what attracts most users to WordPress, it also presents a very serious risk for potential online attacks. Users are responsible for doing their own website maintenance, which can be a hassle due to ongoing updates to the platform. As a result, users must dedicate extra time to monitoring their websites to avoid any holes in their security. For example, an outdated plugin developed by a third-party developer is a perfect opportunity for hackers to gain access to a small business owner’s website.


WordPress offers its users plenty of flexibility because it is an open-source program. Users can create their own themes and plugins or choose from the thousands of pre-made ones developed by third-party users. Unfortunately, this freedom has its challenges because users are expected to have an intermediate level of coding experience to build a professional website. It can also be difficult for users to find quality website plugins or themes. Most of these have been developed by third-party web developers that, over time, can become inconsistent.