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Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Your website matters in this digital age.

Getting a website that looks great, is engaging, and provides custom information about your company is possible with CIS Agency. Our affordable website packages can make your business stand out in today's digital market. Why does that matter? In a post-covid world, things have shifted quicker than ever to digital spaces.

Most small businesses reach out to us thinking all our agency prices are $5,000 or higher. Even though some projects may require higher budgets, we have many streamlined products to get your business up and running online for under $1,000.

A few website industries we specialize in:

  1. Plumbing

  2. Electricians

  3. Auto repair

  4. Auto body

  5. Construction

  6. Painters

  7. Plastic injection

  8. Industrial

  9. Charter companies

  10. Pet Grooming

  11. Veterinarians

  12. Legal & Attorneys

  13. Home Appliances

  14. Business Coaches

  15. Health and Clinics

  16. Home Services

  17. Salons

  18. Beauty & Wellness

  19. Chiropractors

  20. Personal Trainers

Here are simple steps to make it happen:

  1. Contact us at 616.347.6300 to speak with a personal representative about our affordable web design package options: Silver, Gold & Platinum, or discuss our a-la-cart options.

  2. Fill out our short questionnaire about your business.

  3. CIS Agency will write, design, and provide photos for your website.

  4. You review and approve your new website.

  5. CIS Agency puts your site online for the world to find.

We know you have plenty of web design options, but when it comes to the small mom-and-pop shops, CIS Agency specializes in this arena with over 3,000 projects completed and will get you online in less than a month. If you need to be online but don't need all the technical hassle that goes with it, get a free quote from us today. We've worked on hundreds of websites, from dog groomers to auto repair shops.

We handle all the extras you may need for your business, like SEO optimization, logo design, website layout, web hosting, analytics, social media, and much more. We often get the question, are they template-based websites? Not necessarily; even though we do have website template options, our websites can be customized, and when we develop them, they go through our 125-point checklist system to ensure we get your website right the first time.

Our easy monthly subscription service means you are in control and can request changes to your website at any time. We offer the best price guarantee, so you can feel comfortable that your dollars aren't going to waste. As small business owners, we understand that time is money and that digital marketing may not be the best way to spend your time on your business.

We know your business will change and grow over time, and CIS Agency is here to help you along the way. From increased marketing and social media, we can be your partner with the daily needs of these online streams.

Customers are looking for your business online; what will they find? Don't let valuable sales slip away. These past pandemic years have shown how being online is no longer an option; it's essential for every business.

Contact us today to open your business to the digital world!

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