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Follow business leaders that embrace constant improvement

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Business Owners

Olympic and professional athletes never quit training. They’re constantly looking for new ways to improve their performance, equipment, and new training strategies to take them to the top.

Blue-chip stocks rarely disappoint investors because their corporate leaders ensure their companies are on the cutting edge to stay ahead of the business game.

Blue Ribbon schools never stop trying to outdo their competitors. Teachers and principals know there’s always more to learn and better ways to do it, so they’re willing to take risks.

Success breeds success

For the best of the best, success breeds success. Like the most effective schools and A-League athletes, the most prosperous companies are often more open to new concepts than their competitors. That’s what keeps them on the cutting edge. They’re not afraid of change and are often the first to try something new.

Go back to a time not so long ago when Apple stock sold for just $6 a share. New concepts, and new products (iPod, iPhone, and iPad, for example) catapulted this computer company to a record-breaking $700+ per share before splitting 7-1 in 2014. You can’t argue with such success. If you want to be a winner, follow the leaders. Better yet, be a leader. Be willing to try something new rather than settling for the status quo. At our agency, we have used John Maxwell's methods to train our leaders. There are many other great leaders with great training material that can fit your organization's culture, we invite you to research and constantly train your staff.

Innovative ideas turn the tables

Take a look at the West Michigan furniture business. In the 1990s, furniture-making seemed to be moving South. Sofas, love seats, and end tables that had once made Grand Rapids the Furniture City were suddenly being shipped across the country from states like Georgia and North Carolina. So what did leading brands like Haworth and Steelcase do to survive? They stepped outside their comfort zones and focused on something new. They took a chance by capitalizing on office furniture instead of living rooms. But they didn’t stop there. More recently, local furniture-makers have entered the medical furniture market with other new product lines to stay in business through changing times.

It’s time for forward-thinking school and business leaders to take another leap

Follow leaders who continuously strive to improve. Don’t argue with their success. No one can make it today without extensive experience in using technology, along with the ability to access the online world safely. If you want to improve performance at your organization, you must use the internet to its full capacity. Follow the leaders. You can’t argue with success!

CIS Agency strives to be a leader in the Marketing Agency Industry. We have serviced over 3,000 projects and continue to help small businesses become leaders in their communities. For additional information, please reach out to CIS Agency at 616.347.6300 or


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