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Updated: Feb 11

As businesses reopen and you think about the new structures in place, don’t forget

that even though SWOT might seem old school or irrelevant, it still holds immense value for your business. We believe it needs to be part of your business on a yearly basis or as needed.

We understand that the goals you set for 2021 may need to change, and that does not need to be stressful.

Reevaluate where your business is at today for future goals with a SWOT analysis.

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SWOT analysis is a business strategy used to measure and evaluate their overall performance.

S - Strengths

W - Weaknesses

O - Opportunities

T - Threats

By analyzing SWOT, you can draw conclusions and make a plan! Need help developing a new plan to combat 2021? CIS is a Creative Agency that is ready to help! Contact us today!

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