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How Hard Does Your Small Business Website Work for You?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We inspire and encourage businesses to raise their corporate image through web design.

Web design: Modern day window trim

How hard does your website work for you? Think of your company website as a display window for your business. Imagine all the internet browsers strolling down Cyberspace Street. With credit cards within reach, more and more potential customers surf the web for the best place to shop online.

How would you attract such visitors to your website? What can you do to keep them there long enough to score a sale, or pick up a phone and call your company?

How critical is your home page?

A well-designed home page speaks volumes. Web browsers react to its color and creativity. Its clever copy, precision page layout, and profound fonts, photos and graphic art convince lookers to linger awhile. The best home pages pull people into your online place of business, just as attractive window decor brings buyers into stores.

“Whether your company sells cars, crafts or cleaning services, your website should captivate customers from their first glance.” That's about 2 seconds.

Good web design stirs the senses with the perfect mix of message and imagination. A cleverly constructed home page lures people into learning more about your company’s products and services.

Good website design screams to internet surfers:

  • Look at me! Like me! Follow me!

  • Try our products and services!

  • See how we can make your life better or change your lifestyle!

Online shoppers are enticed by original web design that suggests quality, satisfaction, and benefit to buyers. The best web design creates ambiance, along with stoking the desire to purchase a paperback. Let’s say you’re selling books.

Don’t settle for an okay website! Inspire trust through website quality.

An amateur might be content with any old picture of books or a bookshelf, juxtaposed with a bookseller’s business logo, but professional designers go much further. A well-designed book sales website, for example, might tempt online shoppers with an array of recent best-sellers, surrounded by a cozy quilt, a cup of hot chocolate, a wicker tray for breakfast in bed and a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Such a home page reflects a reader’s dream. Potential purchasers can feel the joy of bundling up with a good book. They can’t resist the urge to buy. Setting the stage for sales is what web design is all about. It’s an art and a science aimed at building the bottom line for any business.

Does your website have a storefront appeal?