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Putting the "Social" in Social Media

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

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How do you use social media? Do you check Instagram to keep up with your friends' daily lives? Or check-in with them on Facebook for the big moments - engagements, weddings, baby announcements, new jobs? Do you use LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram to follow your favorite brands?

Social media is meant to be social. As entrepreneurs and business owners, most of us try to keep our business social media very separate from our personal social media. The question is this:

How much is the RIGHT amount of social in your business' social media?

Let's start with different types of posts. We can narrow most social media posts down to:

  • Informational (education/advice)

  • Cross-promotional (highlighting/tagging other influencers or businesses)

  • Engagement (asking your audience to participate)

  • Personal (sharing bits and pieces about the lives of you and your employees)

  • Behind-the-scenes

  • Promotional (Buy from me! posts)

There are SO many more types of posts like sharing memes, quotes, and articles from other people. These posts can usually be categorized in the six areas above. Let's take a deeper dive!


These posts tell our audience something. Maybe it's a "how-to" for your product - SheFit does a great job with these types of posts on social media! Other examples include sharing information about your product, your industry, and offering advice for your ideal client. You may follow your local garage on Facebook because they share posts on maintaining your car or driving in winter.


Consider your audience: What other brands do they likely follow? What other products and services do they probably use? Creating posts WITH those companies can help you gain followers! You could host events together, sponsor giveaways in exchange for tagging friends and sharing posts, and so much more! Going live with other business owners or influencers can help increase your followers, too! Followers are the people who "like" or "follow" your page and see your posts in their news feed.


We ALWAYS want people to participate and engage with our posts on social media - that's how they get seen! There are ways to increase engagement. Asking questions would be a basic way of doing this: "What do you think about the Michigan weather?" could get some people talking. Even better? "Using GIFS - how are you feeling about the Michigan weather?" Followers love having the opportunity to get creative! Engagement posts ALWAYS require a call to action: answer the question, tag your friend, share the post, etc.


Every so often, show your followers who you are. It's most effective if what you share is authentic and meaningful. If something BIG happens in your life like getting engaged or getting a puppy - these are great things to share! You are in no way required to do this to gain followers, but showing that you are a real person can help a lot! Consider sharing that your favorite pastime is watching football and including a picture of you and your family in your Lions gear (if that's true of course!) Still too personal? Maybe sharing that you're a big fan of pizza and tagging your favorite pizza place when you're getting take out! Being human is a BIG part of social media, find the balance that works for you.


Followers LOVE knowing what goes on behind the scenes of their favorite brands. Videos are a great way to do this! Consider recording a short tour of your facility or going live to show how something is made. Video is a HUGE draw on social media! Just make sure that everyone involved is cool with being on camera.


Finally, one of the most important posts: ask people to buy from you! You don't want EVERY post to be asking for money - that's an easy way to have your followers click that "unfollow" button. Try a 6:1 ratio for engagement posts to p