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Easy Brand Creation for Small Businesses

Updated: Jan 15

Small Business Brand Creation

What if you went to a Lions game and found the players wearing green or purple instead of their signature blue? Wouldn't it be strange if Biggby started asking if you wanted a Venti instead of a 24 oz? Think about some of the brands you follow or use. If they went in another direction, it would seem weird! You would notice immediately.

Why is that?

These brands have found their voice. More than that, they stick to it! We need to do the same. We need to find our voice in our brand and use it in every ad, every marketing campaign, every public display of our brand! This is especially important as marketing isn't just ads on TV or newspaper anymore. It's how we post on social media, it's our blogs, it's events we host, it's who we do business with.

That's our voice.

As we look at beginning a new decade, now is a great time to take a deep look at your content. Take samples from everywhere your brand has a public voice. Does it look and feel consistent? To create a strong brand, we need to build on the consistencies that are working for us and stay away from the inconsistencies and anything that hasn’t engaged our target audience. Easier said than done, right? We at CIS Agency are here to give you the FAST PASS to figuring out your brand voice.

Describe your brand in three words.

For some companies, we are so close to what we do that this can be a little tricky. If you're stuck, try coming up with words for brands you know. What three words would you choose for Biggby? For the Lions? Here are some tips to determining your brand's voice:

  • Consider your values, mission, and vision - how do those shape your brand? Click the link for a great "how-to" on defining those aspects of your company culture if you haven't already.

  • Consider the type of people that run your company - are they funny or serious? Formal or casual? Enthusiastic or matter-of-fact?

  • If you didn't have to sell, what would your voice be? In other words, if you could run this company without worrying about your audience, what would your marketing look like?

  • Consider your audience - can that organic voice you just described reach your target market? Find content that's already popular with who you are selling to. What does it have in common?

  • How do you want people to feel when they interact with your brand? We buy based on emotions. Do you want to make your customers laugh? Give them peace of mind?

  • Ask current customers to describe their interactions with YOU and the brand. If you have customers already, getting an outsider's take is so valuable! Just like you had ideas about Biggby's brand voice, your customers (hopefully!) have thoughts on your brand.

  • Try a generator: https://www.portent.com/tools/tone-of-voice-generator

  • Narrow this description into THREE WORDS that describe your brand.

1. Brainstorm ways to incorporate your brand outside of ads and content.

Your brand isn't just how you show up in ads. Especially as a local business, you are your brand.

You are a constant walking and talking marketing machine. This doesn't mean you are always talking about your business; it means that even when you aren't - those around you are forming opinions about you and, therefore, your business and brand!

Earlier we mentioned the Lions. More than a football team, they are a brand. In the offseason, are they just training and relaxing? More often than not they are discussing the franchise, doing charity work that reflects their mission, and working on how to improve their brand - not just their offense.