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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Wix Web Design by CIS Agency
Wix Website Design

At CIS Agency, we're committed to bringing value to our clients. We focus on helping small businesses reach their goals through affordable, high-quality websites. As a Wix Agency, we use the website-building platform to create professional sites quickly and affordably. We save our clients hundreds of dollars by using and using a leading platform that makes it easy for your business to be found online with different SEO tools.

How Using Wix Helps Us Keep Our Websites At A Low Cost

Wix Website Design
Wix Website is a low- to no-code website-building platform with plenty of advanced design tools. Using allows our team to create stunning websites while keeping our prices affordable. Why do we specialize in Wix sites? We chose Wix because they offer features that aren't available or affordable on other leading platforms.

First, Wix has over 700 professionally-designed website templates. CIS Agency also adds to the templates by designing 100's small business industry Wix Templates. Unlike on other platforms, these templates are free or inexpensive. They come pre-loaded with the essential elements needed for a professional business website. From there, the Wix editor makes it easy to customize the site to your preferences.

One of our favorite things about Wix is how simple it is to customize. We can add elements that aren't in the original template easily through the Wix editor. Wix also allows editing single pages or your entire site at once. As a website editor, Wix is more affordable and easier to work with than leading platforms like WordPress, which has fewer free templates and themes that are more tedious to customize.

Wix also includes access to leading design tools. They allow users to choose a custom color palette, add backgrounds, move and add site elements, and more-all without coding. For our agency, this capability helps keep our prices affordable by cutting down on development time. However, if you want more customization above and beyond the standard Wix editor, Wix offers an open development platform called Velo by Wix. We can add and integrate our code into your website on Wix's platform.

Wix's SEO Tools Help Your Business Get Found Online

Beyond the intuitive design tools,'s SEO tools make it an excellent platform

for small business websites. SEO, or search engine optimization, helps your website get found online. Unlike other website-building platforms, every Wix site comes with built-in SEO tools. Here are a few things Wix does to help with SEO:

  • Wix gets your site indexed on Google. For customers to find your business online, your website must first be known to search engines like Google. Indexing allows Google to provide your site in response to customer searches.

  • Wix can create a sitemap and maintain it over time. Keeping an updated sitemap allows search engine crawlers to keep up with changes made to your site, find new pages, and stay away from old or outdated content.

  • Wix adds pre-set meta tags to your site content. Meta tags describe your site's content so search engines can understand and match it to queries.

One of CIS Agency's top goals is to deliver the most value to our clients while keeping our prices affordable. Partnering with is one choice that helps us accomplish that goal.

With leading website-building platforms like Wix offering advanced tools and low- to no-code editing capability, a professional business website is more affordable than ever.

Is the right choice for your website platform? Check out this detailed blog review on Wix here.

Do you need help switching from WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, or other website platforms to Wix? Our team specializes in making the switch, and we're happy to assess your current situation. Contact us or call us at 616.347.6300.


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